Thursday, April 22, 2010

The way we were

Hi Visitors,

Well I suppose to be a writer, but at this moment I cannot think of anything to write.
Writer Blocked!!!!! I sure it happened to you all many times.

First, I glad a friend of mine has nicely set-up this blog for me.

I am hoping to put more of my thoughts in future. Introduction to you about myself and
my books as well as any comments while you all visit my blog.

If you are trying to be a writer, I glad to gave you two cent's of my thought's
if you care to take it.

Well we live for a moment, but in life we need stories, stories is alive and even gossip's
so do not be shy to share yours.

This might be a wonderful way to get to know you and me to started of beautiful friendship.

Good News for me to announce, A FEW MONTH'S BACK, my latest book "Janji Puteri Beradu" has been published and I'm glad it were well received by the public. The publisher PTS have done a wonderful job as within two months the publisher have ordered the second printing.

If you not yet seen mybooks, please visit the nearest MPH, Popular Bookstore and some
small book shop.

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