Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello friends,

It sure is a lonely night, no moon or star in the sky.
The breeze coming from the window from my room
did not bring any comfort.

I being writing more than 10 years with 13 books
in my name but yet I been told by 1 editor
that I should learn to write like some of other writers
whom just in recent years published their books.

Sometimes I wonder, should I put my pen down and
stop writing. In away I do enjoy writing and quite please
when the story comes alive, the words, sentences and
the heart felt. If a good feeling you know. I even enjoy
doing editing. It just pleased me.

The stories that I wrote is a learning stories that
have more depth, family, friendship, relationship,
coping with life's generally.

A stories should be about thing that matter, I wrote
the ways my style is. I enjoy many of stories
currently considered as "IT BOOKS"



  1. Hi Zul,

    Keep up the good work.Keep on writing more great stories and do not let rejection's let you down.Good luck and all the best.

    From : Chuah(Pg)

  2. Zul,

    Dont take it the hard way, you might not post some good novel like the other writers but your focus was to the younger generation, something that most people find hard to write or tell thier stories. Do keep the good work, and hope that you will get up there.

    Best wishes,
    Eugene (PG)

  3. Hye zulkifli..
    Nice to know you.. We are sharing a same passion...writing.. I'm facing difficulties as you been before..But i keep my chin up and keep on writing even they are not been published yet.i just do writing for my own collection tough.Keep do a good job ya..