Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer, Editor and Publisher

As a writer, you will be faced many criticism about
your writing especially from Editors, whom will
tell you that they did not understand your writing,
too long winded and worst they will said your writing
is old fashion not “Pop or trendy”

Publisher must have at least 3 editors to look through the
manuscript and give their view. The head Editor will than
review their view and made final decision.

So for Writer especially new ones …. Press on

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Banyak orang buat Janji
Lagak seperti Puteri
Yang Suka Beradu

Monday, August 23, 2010

Menulis itu memberikan keceriaan

Sekian lama tidak menulis dan apabila memulakannya kembali
terasa begitu seronok sekali. Ia bagaikan nafas baru bagi berkarya.

Sesungguhnya ini semua adalah ihsan tuhan Allah maha esa yang
memberikan seni bagi saya.

Novel terbaru saya yang masih di peringkatan pertengahan terus
berjalan perlahan tetapi bergerak dengan sentuhan baru .


Saya tahu penulis buku kecil-kecil seperti saya tidak ada yang
nampak ada nilainya. Tidak ada Commercial value katanya
tidak seperti penulis buku dewasa, novel popular.

Saya selalu fikirkan - Kenapa saya menulis atau menulis? wang? nama

Jawapan ringkas : Saya suka buku dan menulis adalah salah satunya.

Jawapan kehendak saya : Saya mahu buku saya diketahui oleh pembaca buku

Karya saya yang lama kini mula saya dapat idea baru. Penulis selalu
memerlukan idea bagi mendapatkan jalanan cerita. Editor janganlah mudah
menolak manuskrip kerana katanya tidak ada idea yang Commercial atau

Saya rasa boleh teruskan jadi penulis yang tidak dikenali. Tidak kisah.
Apa yang penting saya terus berkarya.

Ha, jangan fikir senang saya hendak tulis ini.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello friends,

It sure is a lonely night, no moon or star in the sky.
The breeze coming from the window from my room
did not bring any comfort.

I being writing more than 10 years with 13 books
in my name but yet I been told by 1 editor
that I should learn to write like some of other writers
whom just in recent years published their books.

Sometimes I wonder, should I put my pen down and
stop writing. In away I do enjoy writing and quite please
when the story comes alive, the words, sentences and
the heart felt. If a good feeling you know. I even enjoy
doing editing. It just pleased me.

The stories that I wrote is a learning stories that
have more depth, family, friendship, relationship,
coping with life's generally.

A stories should be about thing that matter, I wrote
the ways my style is. I enjoy many of stories
currently considered as "IT BOOKS"


The way we were

Hi Visitors,

Well I suppose to be a writer, but at this moment I cannot think of anything to write.
Writer Blocked!!!!! I sure it happened to you all many times.

First, I glad a friend of mine has nicely set-up this blog for me.

I am hoping to put more of my thoughts in future. Introduction to you about myself and
my books as well as any comments while you all visit my blog.

If you are trying to be a writer, I glad to gave you two cent's of my thought's
if you care to take it.

Well we live for a moment, but in life we need stories, stories is alive and even gossip's
so do not be shy to share yours.

This might be a wonderful way to get to know you and me to started of beautiful friendship.

Good News for me to announce, A FEW MONTH'S BACK, my latest book "Janji Puteri Beradu" has been published and I'm glad it were well received by the public. The publisher PTS have done a wonderful job as within two months the publisher have ordered the second printing.

If you not yet seen mybooks, please visit the nearest MPH, Popular Bookstore and some
small book shop.